A program with in depth views on ethnic and religious minorities in Denmark

Bashy’s Corner

Bashy’s Corner is a program that provides respectful yet in depth views on various topics concerning ethnic and religious minorities in Denmark. We take up issues which mainstream media often neglects or does not want to take up.

We invite guests from a wide section of Danish society, to discuss cultures, politics, socio-economic issues, integration, official policies and much more.

The reason why we produce programs in English language is that in the greater Copenhagen area, there live nearly 1.5 million people. Among them, a sizeable number speak English in their daily life, for example: diplomats, foreign students, expatriates, Green Card holders, nannies and au pairs as well as a large number of ethnic and religious minorities who are settled in Denmark. We wish to reach them with the message of involvement, sense of belonging and participation.

The program is non-party political and neutral in its approach to issues but always keep human rights in the center. 

About the host

Bashy Quraishy is born in India but grew up in Pakistan. Studied Engineering in Germany and USA, and later studied International Marketing in London.
Member of several commissions, committees and boards, involved with human rights, ethnic/religious equality issues, anti-racism, Roma discrimination, islamophobia and anti-semitism, both in Denmark, EU and internationally.
Author of 8 books and 30 policy papers on minority issues – media, ethnic identity, islamophobia and racism in European Union, intercultural living, integration, human rights and minorities in the media as well as NGO networking.

  • President of European Network against Racism -Brussels – 1999-
  • Chairman of ENAR’s Advisory Council, 2007 – present
  • General Secretary, European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion –
    2010- present
  • Board Member- Danish Institute for Human Rights – 2005- present
  • Member of EU Commission’s High-Level Committee on the Social and Labour Market integration of disadvantaged ethnic minorities in
    EU – 2005-2007
  • TV Host-Copenhagen TV


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